7 December 2012

Choosing the Right Partner for PPI Refunds

By now you’re probably only too aware of all the different organisations offering to help you reclaim mis-sold PPI. You may well have received a LOT of text messages from companies you don’t know, telephone calls and even letters through the post. But how do you make sure you are working with right company?! Firstly, […]

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29 November 2012

How did the PPI Problem get so big?

We’ve already given you some of the numbers that show the sheer size of this problem, and the claims for refunds and compensation. But to truly understand the scale of the PPI scandal, we need to look back a good few years to discover why this is going to bill the banks about £13 billion […]

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16 November 2012

UK’s biggest financial scandal – don’t be a victim!

Called by some experts the UK’s biggest ever financial scandal, the miss-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a massive problem. For years (and years and years!) we’ve been told that we need to pay extra when we take out a loan, credit card or mortgage to make sure repayments can still be made if […]

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21 October 2012

Breaking PPI News

Hundreds of thousands of people have won compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance, with banks paying out £557m in the first six months of the year alone, according to new figures. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which rules on complaints about the controversial insurance that have been rejected by the banks, has seen the number […]

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