29 May 2013

PPI Refund Success Stories in The Sun Newspaper

The Sun newspaper recently had an interesting article about people who have successfully recovered PPI refunds. Apparently private car sales have rocketed by almost 33% year-on-year because of the cash coming back into our pockets, while other ways to spend refunds include weddings, holidays and home improvements. You can read the article and find out […]

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17 May 2013

Big banks PPI compensation funds

According to consumer champion Which?, big banks such as Barclays are having to add more funds to their PPI compensation commitment due to the incredible number of people successfully claiming PPI refunds. All are set to run out of money soon, which we certainly hope will result in them all diverting more cash to pay […]

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29 April 2013

PPI claims – nearly £10 billion paid out to date

£9.3 billion has been compensated to customers in PPI claims so far, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the successors to the Financial Services Authority. In January and February, over £400 million was paid out each month to people who applied to claim back PPI that was not sold correctly. All the […]

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11 April 2013

PPI complaints to big banks account for 60% of complaints in 2012

PPI complaints to the five biggest UK banks was the biggest problem dealt with last year. The Financial Conduct Authority has recorded and analysed consumer complaints to banks and found that more than 60% of complaints were about PPI refunds. Banks are telling us that they are on top of the problem, and that complaints […]

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28 February 2013

Financial Ombudsman Service ‘mans up’ to deal with PPI reclaims

While no-one knows exactly how many people have been mis-sold PPI, we all know that it is A LOT of people, millions and millions probably. It’s therefore good news that the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has increased its team by 25% to deal with the issue. It has recruited an additional 500 people over the […]

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29 January 2013

Don’t leave it too late to reclaim your mis-sold PPI

While many of us are still trying to get our heads around the problem, find the relevant paperwork and figure out how to claim back our mis-sold PPI, business leaders are starting to talk about putting a deadline in place to, as they say ‘draw a line’ under the issue. If only these same business […]

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17 January 2013

The human impact of the PPI Scandal

The ripple effect of the PPI mis-selling scandal is bigger than most of us realise. Depending on how much money you paid out for mis-sold PPI, you and your family could have had a holiday (or ten!), re-furbished your home, or even just bought the kids the new trainers they seem to need every 2 […]

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8 January 2013

PPI Mis-Selling – It’s not just the banks

Much of the attention and press about the PPI scandal is focused on banks, mortgage providers and credit card companies for good reason. But did you know that retailers and the like are also in the frame? Store cards Store cards, which are used much like credit cards to spread the cost of purchases, are […]

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27 December 2012

Don’t suffer PPI reclaim delays

One of the reasons why so many people use PPI reclaim services is that they feel uncomfortable having to essentially fight a big company to get their money back. There is good reason for this concern, as sometimes, just sometimes, these companies like to make it difficult for you to reclaim your mis-sold PPI in […]

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15 December 2012

Protect your PPI refund from scammers

You’ve probably heard in the newspapers that there are a lot of dodgy dealers out there offering to process your PPI claim. The courts are cracking down on them though – and about time too! Recently, one company that was sending out an incredible 840,000 text messages a day over the course of 3 years […]

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