Looking to claim PPI? £18.4 billion allocated and counting….

15 August 2013

People looking to claim PPI will be heartened, and probably shocked, to discover that the total funds allocated so far have now reached £18.4 billion according to consumer group Which?, which is TWICE THE COST of the 2012 Olympic Games. When you think of all the furore about the escalating costs in the run-up to the event, it’s surprising that the money that will be paid out as a result of the PPI scandal is considerably less than it cost the UK to host the Olympic Games.

Despite all the updates from the banks about the funds they are allocating for people looking to claim PPI (Lloyds Bank has just upped their allocation by £450 million to £7.3 billion by the way), we have to presume that the impact of refunding all those invalid, illegal or unwanted policies is not going to dampen longer term profitability, or even the bonuses paid to the very employees that mis-sold PPI in the first place.

We hope this news will spur any of you yet to claim PPI into getting started. It may seem like a daunting process, especially when you consider that banks are now reported to be delaying or denying refunds to people looking to claim PPI. Luckily, complaints to the financial ombudsman about this practice are settled in favour of the consumer (that’s people like you and me!) about 80% of the time, but would you be able to hold your nerve and stay the course should this happen to you?

That’s one of the reasons why people use us. Whether it’s a straightforward case, or one that goes all the way up to the financial ombudsman, we’ve got an expert ready to fight your corner. Just fill out the quick form on our site and we will put you in contact with someone who can help you claim PPI – FOR FREE. They will be a UK-based expert in this field and will take the stress out of communicating with your bank, building society or mortgage provider, making sure you have the best possible advice and assistance.