New PPI Reclaim Scandal at Lloyds

13 June 2013

Anyone reading the news has probably seen articles about the fact that many people may have had their Lloyds PPI reclaim request delayed or rejected when in fact it should have been approved and a refund paid out. In light of the existing scandal, this is just not good enough!

According to reports, Deloitte was running the Lloyds PPI call handling service, and call centre staff were not investigating, processing or handling claims properly. Staff were apparently encouraged to delay or deny claims for PPI refunds as it was felt unlikely that most consumers would escalate their PPI reclaim to the ombudsman. At a time when the banks should all be making every effort to put right the wrongs of the PPI mis-selling scandal, to find out that the opposite is happening is shocking.

The fallout from this has resulted in Deloitte’s contract being terminated – and a good job too! People who may have a PPI reclaim with Lloyds are now also being urged by the likes of Which? to resubmit their PPI reclaim and go through the process again in case their case was not handled correctly the first time.

So if you had a potential case for a PPI reclaim with Lloyds but were told you couldn’t get a refund, you might have been told porkies! If this could have happened to you, or if you have a potential claim with ANY of the major banks or building societies, credit card companies or mortgage providers, we can help. We will put you in contact with the right expert to take your claim forwards – one that knows the ins-and-outs of the PPI reclaim business and will make sure that you get the refund you deserve.

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